Welcome to the Cushman Foundation:
Making a Difference for San Diego
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It is the philosophy of the Cushman Foundation to have a sense of social responsibility and to honor the communities in which they have conducted business. The Foundation is giving back to the city that has supported their family for generations.

The Cushman Foundation supports a diversified array of community and humanitarian endeavors with a goal of bringing about constructive change and promoting human welfare.

Grantmaking Guidelines:

It is the general policy of the Cushman Foundation to support charities that do not receive national funding.

The major areas of focus are:
  • Aid to seniors
  • Children in need and under-funded education programs
  • Food insecurity and homelessness
  • Improving health and well-being
  • Low income families
  • Military and veterans' assistance programs
  • People with disabilities
  • Support for victims of domestic violence and human trafficking


  • The Cushman Foundation funds only not-for-profit institutions and organizations that are recognized as having tax-exempt status under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).
  • All grants will benefit qualifying charitable organizations in the San Diego county.


  • The Foundation will not fund organizations that discriminate in regards to disabilities, age, gender, race, ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation.
  • The Foundation does NOT generally support:
    • Animal welfare
    • Athletic events or programs
    • Capital campaigns and endowments
    • Fund-raising events
    • Galas
    • General operating expenses
    • Individual personal endeavors
    • Non-educational arts programs
    • Political activities
    • Religious institutions
    • Social events
    • Sports tournaments
    • Technology or research